City Break in Augsburg

City Break in Augsburg

City Break in Augsburg

Augsburg in Bavaria is one of the oldest cities in Germany. You can find buildings of different styles and eras in the historic centre, among them mediaeval guild houses, the Visitation of Our Lady Cathedral, which dates back to the 11th century, and the Basilica Saint Ulrich and Afra with its onion-shaped dome. Buildings dating back to the Renaissance include Augsburg’s Town Hall with its magnificent Goldenen Saal (Golden Hall). The Fugger buildings served as the residence of the wealthy merchant family Fugger, and the Fuggerei is a social housing complex dating back to the 16th century.

Experience Augsburg

Augsburg has numerous museums and galeries, among them the Schaezler Palace in rococo style with paintings from the baroque era and the Augsburg Puppenkiste, a traditional marionette theatre with its own museum. The Mozart House, birthplace of Amadeus Mozart’s father Leopold, commemorates both father and son. The Brecht House accommodates a museum dedicated to the novelist and playwright, Bertolt Brecht, who was born in Augsburg. Somewhat further to the east there is the H2 Centre of Modern Art in the Glaspalast. Modern art is also exhibited today in the former textile factory. And to the south is the Augsburg municipal forest with shady paths along the river banks, with lakes, the zoo and botanical garden.

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Augsburg Historic Centre

This video shows a tour through the beautiful city centre of Augsburg.